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The Radical Left Has Taken Over The Music Industry.
We're Taking It Back.

The Radical Left Has Taken Over The Music Industry.
We're Taking It Back.


Why I'm Walking Away

Our debut song is titled “Why I’m Walking Away”, was written and produced by Sound Sage/MMGA.

Help stop Big Tech censors by sharing our music far and wide! 

This video is available on major social media platforms where you can share it via your profiles (links below)! It is also free to download and use for non-commercial purposes. 

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The music industry has been weaponized by the radical Left and dark forces to corrupt society and promote sinister agendas, while exploiting artists and destroying everything music stands for.

Make Music Great Again (MMGA) is the antidote. We are a true grassroots music movement dedicated to creating music with meaning, beauty, and purpose—free of industry manipulation and control.

We produce and share music that inspires and uplifts; unites, not divides; that cherishes dignity, faith, freedom, patriotism, and the precious human experience—free of the idolatry, sexual degeneracy, violence, vacuousness, vanity, and virtue signaling that has tainted one of humanity’s greatest treasures.

Although we’re still small, our mission is great. We believe the world needs a new soundtrack and we’re going to create it—together with YOU.


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For artists...

Are you a songwriter, singer, producer, instrumentalist, or creative artist who shares our vision and values? Are you ready to ditch your desire for “getting discovered”, gaining instant stardom for your never-before-seen talent, and becoming rich and famous… to truly help Make Music Great Again? 

If the answer is “YES”, we’d love for you to join us!

We are open to collaborations, contributions, and support of all kinds. We will also share and promote your music if it meets our standards.

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